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Scorose Fanfiction #16

Thank Me Later by dream_BIG
Rated M | Complete | Oneshot

A cute and funny oneshot in which Rose and Scorpius are Auror partners, told in Scorpius’ POV.


Rose and Scorpius are on a mission to retrieve the stolen Resurrection stone (inside a ring) and they pose as married couples. Sexual tension is everywhere when he realises that his old nerdy school nemesis is not so nerdy afterall.

Scorose Fanfiction #15

Dodge by Miss Dumbledarcy
Rated M | Complete

It’s probably one of those fan fictions where you would just read the first chapter and immediately get hooked. Especially if you’ve watched Crazy Stupid Love, which is an amazing rom-com, that this fic is based on (in the beginning, at least).


Imagine yourself in a bar with your best friend when a hot guy comes your way and introduces himself. You immediately recognise him as your school nemesis and obviously, you turn him down. What if this one encounter turns to more encounters, how long can you resist him for?

Scorose Fanfiction #14

Inappropriate Behaviour by magicalromione
Rated T | Complete | Oneshot

Okay, so this is a bit of a self promotion. This is my brand new oneshot written in Albus Potter’s POV.


"Was that a wink directed from Scorp to Rose? A wink? A wink? Do people still wink nowadays? And is Rose smiling back? She should be disgusted, she’s always disgusted by Scorp."

In which Albus witnesses Inappropriate Behaviour between his best friends during a Potions Exam. This story is a bit more funny than what I’m normally used to.

Please review if you enjoyed it!

Scorose Fanfiction #13

Marry Me Marry Me Not by An Artist Account
Rated K+ | Oneshot | Complete

This is a super cute and short oneshot that makes you go ‘awwww’ after reading it.


This story shows six scenes in which Scorpius proposes to Rose, starting from when they were cute little toddlers to the time where he actually meant what he said.

Scorose Fanfiction #12

Broken by MajiKat
Rated M | Complete

If you’ve read my previous recommendations, you would know that this is not the first story I’ve recommended by MajiKat (note: Morocco). However, this is probably the one that I enjoyed most.


Rose Weasley is a journalist for The Daily Prophet and has been assigned to live in the Malfoy Manor in order to write about a competition. What competition may this be? Similar to the real life TV show ‘The Bachelor’, Malfoy heir, Scorpius Malfoy has been coerced by his father to find a wife. 

Meanwhile, strange things have been happening in the Manor and it seems like the only people Scorpius trusts are Rose and her brother, Hugo. Can this trust develop into something more for ScoRose?

Scorose Fanfiction #11

It Begins by amandastarkidweasley
Rated K+ | Drabble

Shoutout to Scorose shipper lacun4 and her drabble, It Begins.


This story takes on a fluffy approach of how Scorpius and Rose’s relationship may have started. It is short, but full of laughter and all-round cuteness as Scorpius tries to move his friendship with Rose to a relationship.

Scorose Fanfiction #10

Morocco by MajiKat
Rated M | Complete

Recommended by suitupand-berobbieinstead, Morocco is one of the most thrilling and adrenaline inducing Scorose stories I’ve read. 


Scorpius and Rose are sent on a mission to Morocco to infiltrate an anti-wizard organisation. Posing as newlyweds on a honeymoon, the two risk their lives to protect not only the wizarding world, but each other. 

Scorose Fanfiction #9

Hospital Bed Monologue by GraeLiars
Rated K | Oneshot | Complete

I think that this plot is unbelievably good. It’s not one of those cliche things that you would read and believe me, there are heaps of those out there.


After an accident concerning a bludger, professional Quidditch player Rose finds herself in the hospital with no memories. Slowly, she begins to collect bits and pieces together from the conversation 5 men were having around her bed. Now, the only thing that she really wants is to get some sleep next to her man-pillow. But can she figure out which of these men is the guy she’s looking for?

Scorose Fanfiction #8

Chronicles by Josephinee
Rated T | Complete

Well, to be completely honestly, this story didn’t really get to me the first time I read it. I decided to give it another go, though, and I really really like it now.


Rose and Scorpius are enemies for life, but in seventh year, it’s all about to change. Between throwing insults and potions at each other, the two will have to learn the art of living together as head boy and head girl.

Scorose Fanfiction #7

Young People Screwing by amorsolo
Rated M | Oneshot | Complete

This fun to read oneshot captured the attention of many readers just by its title. Quite surely, its plot is certainly 100% quality and 100% Scorose.


Rose Weasley has been best friends with 4 guys for practically her whole life. Throughout her sixth and seventh year, each guy shares their tales of their first time. Every guy except for Scorpius Malfoy who decided to deviate from his father’s old reputations and promised himself to remain single for the rest of his time in Hogwarts.

But will he cave in?