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Scorose Fanfiction #34

Mistakes by GraeLiars
Rated M | Complete | Oneshot

Literally, I djfdkajfklsa-ed when I saw that GraeLiars uploaded another story so I thought I’d share this one with you because as usual, it’s amazing (although, what do you expect?)


It all started when Rose finds herself in bed with her arch nemesis, a.k.a Scorpius Malfoy. She recalls the memories of the night when it all began and how rivalry can lead to passion and more. 

Now it’s the morning after and what better to do then sneak out? Problem is, her clothes are all over the place and something tells her that the blond hair wizard isn’t going to let her go so fast.

P.S. I have made a pretty cool (in my opinion) page on my blog where you can search for stories I’ve recommended according to their ratings here! Let me know what you think!!!!

Scorose Fanfiction #33

Help Me, Please by Sarcastic-Bones
Rated T | Complete

Firstly, I want to apologise for the long time it took me to do this seeing as this was submitted around a week ago, but I just finished exams and I decided to actually reread this fanfic before I review it.


Scorpius and Rose have always hated each other, but things start to change when they become Head Boy and Girl. Through their frequent rounds around the school for hours and hours, they decided to get along and know each other a little better. Platonic friendship turns to something more and they decide to enter a secret holiday romance. But what happens when the holiday ends? Will something else bloom?

Scorose Fanfiction #32

My Caretaker by Shina_laris
Rated PG-13 | Complete | Twoshot

This story is part of the 2008 smrw ficafest and being such an avid Scorose shipper, this yearly competition is one of my favourite times of the year. I remember literally going the site everyday for about 2 to 3 weeks just to read a new fic, and let me just say, they’re all amazing.

Anyway, this post is about this particular story that I love, My Caretaker, which I’ve read about 3 times in the last 3 days?


Scorpius and Rose have been best friends since their Hogwarts days. Now that they’re out of school, that fact still hasn’t changed. Rose is constantly worried about Scorpius who brews complex potions for a living and often spends days without eating, sleeping or contact with any other human being.

One day, Rose visits Scorpius and discovers that he hasn’t slept or eaten in days. Whilst taking care of him, she turns up late for her date. When her boyfriend tells Rose that Scorpius doesn’t really need her as much as she thinks, the thought sticks in her mind. Does he really need her as much as she thinks? Or is it just an act?

Scorose Fanfiction #31

Art of Seduction by WriterInDress
Rated MA | Complete


Another ‘Find Scorose Fanfic Time’, and this one was very easy for me to find because I’ve read it a lot of times. Art of Seduction is one of the earliest Scorose fanfics that I read, and definitely one of the most memorable ones too. I was planning to recommend it anyway, so here we go.


It was all supposed to be part of a bet. Every year, Albus and Rose would challenge each other into doing something crazy. In their final year, they decided to take it to the extreme and go big. 

Challenged by Rose, Albus has to try to seduce his Veela crush and in turn, Rose has to try and seduce her arch enemy, Scorpius. 

Things turn out way easier for Rose than she initially imagined, but feelings start to get involved. Although, wouldn’t he be pissed if he found out that it was all part of a game?

Due to upcoming exams, I’ve turned off anon in my askbox, but if have any questions about any Scorose fanfics, please feel free to ask and I’ll answer you privately (As you can probably tell, the sole purpose of this blog is to recommend fics, so I feel obliged to write a review every time I post something) This situation is only temporary, for about 2 weeks.

Scorose Fanfiction #30

Turning Tables by a mountain of gideon’s scones
Rated T | Complete | Oneshot

I knew exactly what anon was talking about when I read this message because the author takes a unique and special twist to the story.


Rose returns from New York and she is looking for a job in the Daily Prophet as a Senior Journalist, what she doesn’t know is that the person interviewing her would be her school rival, Scorpius.

The interview goes unexpectedly as she is asked to answer some rather weird questions with ulterior motive. How will she answer these interesting questions imposed on her? More importantly, will Rose get the job she wants?

Scorose Fanfiction #29

May I Take Your Order? by AMessofPickles
Rated T | Complete


Rose always thought that she hated Scorpius, but one day, she accidentally flooed to a dodgy tavern in Knockturn Alley and she sees a side of Scorpius that she never really knew existed.

Summers are always fun and full of fun, especially when you have a family like the Weasleys, with a wedding and a party coming up, why does Rose has no problem finding excuses to see Scorpius.

Scorose Fanfiction #28

Sincerely Yours, xo by GraeLiars
Rated K+ | Complete | Oneshot

Okay, I know this is like the third story I’ve recommended by GraeLiars but her stories are just so good that I can’t resist


Scorpius receives a seemingly regular card from Rose for Christmas. A normal person would probably think nothing much of it, but Scorpius, being absolutely paranoid and adorable at the same time decides to analyse the card line by line.

Frustrated when he can’t decipher exactly what she means, he storms to her flat in the middle of the night demanding an explanation. The conversation heats up as Rose explains her intentions.

PS. Thank you to the anon who suggested that I tag my stories according to genre, ratings etc… Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to reread all the stories to determine what genre they belong in, but I have tagged all the ratings. I aim to make a fancy/nice tag page, but due to the upcoming exam season, that will probably only be ready in about a month’s time. Thank you for your suggestion and I’ll try my best to improve this site when I have more time!

Scorose Fanfiction #27

Unplanned Parenthood by intrepidsnark
Rated 15+ | Complete 


When I read this message, I knew I read this fanfic before, but somehow I never wrote it down or recorded it. So I searched high and low for this fanfic and finally found it. 

To the Anon who sent me this message: I hope this is the one you’re looking for!


During their sixth year, McGonagall decided to help prepare the students for their future by managing their own children and homes.

Due to their fantastic luck, rivals Scorpius and Rose are paired together to look after a baby Lorcan Scamander, whilst living together. Parental instincts begin to develop and mature the two and simple hatred turns into something more.

Scorose Fanfiction #26

Kiss, Kiss by delusionment
Rated K+ | Complete | Oneshot

A cute oneshot that caught my attention the first time I read it. Filled with fluff and just pure cuteness, it’s just the type of fanfic to read anytime, any day.


Scorpius and Rose kiss every year that they’re in Hogwarts, from friends to more, each time for a different reason. Read how their relationship develops as each kiss means more and more for the two of them.

Scorose Fanfiction #25

Third Time’s The Charm by LouisaM
Rated T | Complete

I just reread this story last night and I completely forgot how amazing this is, which is why when I woke up today, I knew I had to write something about it.

What captures me about this story is how different the characterisation of this story is, Scorpius is not your typical snarky guy, but more of a shy person, which is nice to read about. Also, it helps that I really like the OC/Side characters (especially Scorpius’ best friend and also Rose’s best friend)


Rose is just fed up of the gaggle of girls stalking Scorpius in the library. Deciding that she could concentrate no more, she packs her bag, glares at him and leaves. What she didn’t expect was that Scorpius would run after her, demanding to know what she meant by her not-so-friendly look.

She finds out that Scorpius isn’t what he seems to be and things start to get heated when the two accidentally discover the Room of Requirement.